Silicone Wristbands

The future is now!  We are pleased to announce the offering and production of silicone wristbands!  These wristbands come in a variety of colours so they are an amazing accent piece when you’re supporting your favorite football club, school, or awareness cause.  Since these wristbands are developed with silicone, they’re going to last much longer as they’re more durable than other material alternatives.  Once you’ve finished with a wristband or if you happen to lose it, your wristbands can be reclaimed and recycled.  As with the rest of our items, we offer the best prices for the best product with a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction.

Why Silicone?

  • Durability.  If you’re looking for a long-lasting wristband, there are few materials out there that will be more pliable than silicone.  Temperature fluctuation will not make the wristband expand or contract much like the alternatives do, which means there is no reason to worry about getting it freezing cold or extremely warm.  Ever seen a rubber band after it sits around in a dry environment that has heavy temperature fluctuation?  They get brittle and susceptible to deterioration and breaks.  Silicone, by nature, is unaffected by the elements.

Unlike the paper-based wristbands that are slightly cheaper, silicone products repel water and essentially can’t get wet.Water drops will bead up on the band but not be absorbed, no matter how long it’s subjected to moisture.

  • Safe.  Allergic reactions to silicone are virtually nonexistent.  Alternative plastics and rubbers can cause mild rashes to sensitive skin and lead to uncomfortable rings on the body.

Additionally, silicone is an extremely resistant material.Electricity cannot travel through silicone.It’s such an insulator, and silicone is commonly used to cover high voltage wiring in commercial and residential settings.It’s also not a flammable material, and no household chemicals can react when introduced to silicone, so there is no chance of accidental injury due to exposure.

  • Recyclable.  That isn’t to say that paper-based wristbands aren’t recyclable, but silicone can bring it to a whole new level.  Silicone products are usually used for super important things like pieces to your vehicle, components on the inside of your pc, phone, or tablet, and a large variety of insulators for household electronics that we use every single day.  When you recycle a paper-based band, it will be a coffee cup for the janitor at the movie theatre.  That’s a stark contrast to protecting our children from the arm of electricity exposure.  There is something to be said for knowing you’re making an important difference in the world simply by recycling.

Customise Your Silicone Wristband Colour!

Much like the rest of the products we offer, you’re able to pick your favorite piece of the rainbow to wear on your wrist.  With a healthy variety of colours available, there is sure to be something to fit any need or desire.  Our colours include:

White – The colour of purity and light.  The colour of cleanliness and purity.  The colour of innocence and goodness.  White is the colour most often selected when trying to promote a cleaning product or something involving safety.  Your whole life, you’ve been trained to relate the colour white with sterility and peace.

Purple – The colour of wealth and nobility.  Purple is often associated with luxury and nobility.  Purple is often used to promote services that will help somebody along their ambitious endeavors.  Often a colour of success, purple wristbands are sure to capture the gaze of passerby, especially since purple is a very rare colour in nature.

Red – Red, of course, is the colour that most often represents power.  We’ve been trained to associate red with desire, love, and strength.  All of these qualities are culminated to produce power.  Red is most often used to promote items related to competition like in sports and is also the most erotic colour of the rainbow, leaving the wearer looking attractive and with an assumption of confidence.

Yellow – The colour of light and complete happiness.  Yellow is used to give a warming effect and can arouse cheerfulness from the most depressive scenes and situations.  If you’re looking to promote something that leads to pleasant and cheerful feelings, this is the colour wristband for you.  Commonly used for spontaneous promotions relating to leisure activities, places, or products.

Orange – Orange is underrated.  It’s a nice combination of red and yellow, so it combines the feeling of joy with success.  Orange is ideal when you want something with high visibility that can portray passion and wisdom.  Typically used to promote products like educational toys and software.

Green – Nearly everybody associates green with nature.  So much so that “green” is now a buzzword used for energy conservation and recycling.  Green suggests endurance but also symbolizes growth and freshness.  Green is ideal when you’re looking to promote “green” products or services.

Dark Green – Money.  Greed.  Jealousy.  Envy.  There is a reason that dark green is the colour most preferred by “bad guys” in the super hero movies and shows.  Dark green should be used to promote products in the financial world, giving off an air of financial success to anybody who sees it.

Blue – Blue is an ironic contrast to bright green.  Ironic because it’s not that far away on the wheel of colours.  Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea so we associate it with loyalty and reliability.  Often considered to be the colour of the intellectual, blue should be used to promote products and services from long-standing and reliable corporations.

Aqua – A mix of green and blue.  A sign of wealth and tranquility.  A healthy combination of integrity, knowledge, and understanding.  Aqua should be used to represent next-level products and services.

Gold – The colour of high quality.  We associate gold with money, power, wisdom, and prestige.  Gold can be used for a variety of promotions and is often overlooked because many people feel it lacks the identity of a true colour.  In reality, it’s a combination of multiple colours.

Silver – Consider silver a contrast of gold.  Silver represents intelligence, foresight, confidence, and constancy.  Silver should be used to promote products that have been around for a long time and are tried and true, withstanding all of the tests of time.

It might be something that you take for granted, but unless you’re colour blind, the different colours are all around us.  Over the course of our lives, we’ve both unintentionally and intentionally built up expectations and relationships in our head when it comes to colours.  For the most part, everybody view black as dark, harsh, and cold.  Subsequently, we all think of fire, passion, and power when we see red, especially if we’re consciously thinking about what red represents.  The interesting thing is, subconsciously we do it as well.  There is a good chance that whatever your favorite colour is symbolizes a key characteristic within yourself and about your personality.  Don’t overlook the importance of the colour that you want to put on your wrist for all the world to see!

If you’re not looking to promote a product, service, or cause, any or all of these colours should be able to match the team or club you’re supporting!  Wear your colours proudly, as all of the colours have distinct and important meaning behind them.

Why Wristbands? – Three Big Reasons

  1. In many settings, it might not be okay to wear a shirt or hat promoting your business or products.  If you are going to be heading into church this Sunday for worship, you probably don’t want to be wearing a shirt that promotes your bounty hunting business or the strip club you just opened across town.  If you’re heading to your child’s recital, it’s probably a good idea to leave the legalization hat at home.  Instead, you can support your business or cause of choice subtly by sporting a sleek and attractive silicone wristband.
  2. Wristbands are insanely popular.  Ever since the Livestrong campaign back in the mid 2000’s, wristbands have been a popular way for people of all ages to let others know that they’re supporting or advertising… something.  It’s not rare to find somebody sporting multiple different wristbands, all of which are a different colour because all of them stand for a different thing.
  3. You don’t need to take it off.  Unless you’re going to be working with some sort of machinery that could grab the wristband, there is not going to be a real opportunity for you to lose the thing.  Silicone is so resilient, you can wear it at all times and not have to worry about dropping it somewhere or having to remember to put it back on after the shower or after work!

Popular Uses of Silicone Wristbands

In addition to supporting your favorite causes, business, schools, and sports teams, there are a variety of other popular uses for purchasing silicone wristbands.  We’ve compiled a list to give you some interesting ideas that you can choose to run with in the future:

  • Fundraising.  Our wristbands are frequently purchased in bulk and then resold locally, on a smaller scale.  This allows an organization or individual to raise money for something that’s important to them or a club they may be a part of.  We’ve seen church groups, scouts, children’s clubs and teams, and charities purchase our wristbands just to sell them and raise money and awareness of their group.
  • Symbolic steps.  It’s not uncommon for an individual or group to purchase a number of multiple colours of wristbands.  They then treat them similarly to the colours of belts in karate.  They have a colour scale of awards and dole out the wristbands for different successes or accomplishments within their organization.  This can be done to drive healthy internal competition in business or to as a “bragging rights” accent piece for members of a club or group that have made some sort of accomplishment.
  • Teams.  Sometimes we have people purchase two or more colors of wristbands as a simple way to designate what “team” people in a group are on.  This isn’t ideal for a large team sport like on the football pitch, but it works perfectly when it comes to something like a team scavenger hunt or maybe designated what side of the family you’re on at a large wedding.  This is a unique idea that’s starting to gain some traction all over the world!
  • As if to build off from the wedding idea, it’s more and more common for buyers to purchase a set of blue and a set of pink wristbands.  Family members will be required to choose either blue or pink at the onset of a gender reveal party for soon-to-be parents.  In this cute idea, those who have guessed correctly will get a special little surprise or maybe it’s just for bragging rights.  Whatever you desire!
  • Colour coordination.  Businesses have purchased our wristbands to group together materials based on colour.  It’s a nice way to group and hold things together to conserve space.  The silicone would act as an extra-strong rubber band, safe for storage in virtually any environment.
  • Media passes or special privileges.  If you’re having some sort of an event, you may wish to have different levels of privileges based on the package that somebody purchased or maybe the amount of money somebody donated.  Level of importance can easily be dictated by providing them with a coloured wristband.
  • Length of stay.  Perhaps the event that you’re running lasts more than just a day or two.  Concerts, hotels, theme parks, and campgrounds have all been known to use different coloured wrist bands to dictate how long an individual has access to the facility.
  • Field trips.  Conventions for multiple schools, teams, and church groups have been known to use different colour wristbands to designate where an individual is from and what group the individual belongs to.  This is a great way to keep track of children, should they get lost.  It makes it far easier and less painless to reunite them with their group.
  • Substance control.  We all know that some pubs, bars, and clubs allow anybody over the legal age to join in on the fun.  However, sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether or not an individual is old enough to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or tobacco products.  Rather than constantly having to check the ID to verify age, wristbands have long been used as a quick way for employees to understand whether or not they can serve certain patrons.
  • Party favors.  Wristbands are ideal for passing out to people who attended a special occasion party.  Children are notoriously rough on things but the silicone wristbands are much stronger than most and is a great way for kids to show off that they were at a birthday party.  Simply match the wristbands to the colour theme of the party!

Best Way to Buy

Once you have an idea for how you will use printed wristbands for your business, event, or charity, and you’ve decided that you definitely want our silicone wristbands, you will need to choose the quantity and size of the bands you want.  You can feel confident that your order will be received and processed immediately by  We have over 10 million wristbands in stock for both 19mm and 25mm width options to ship your order as soon as it is received.

As with almost anything in this world, the silicone wristbands are cheaper per piece if you can purchase them in bulk.  The higher the quantity you purchase, the bigger the discount that you’re going to get.  We suggest buying up to 20-25% more than you think you’re actually going to need because the number of reorders that we get is staggering.  You might as well try to save yourself some money by purchasing in bulk and not having to worry about buying more in the future.  Make sure you check out our special offers page from time to time!  You might be able to save yourself or your organization even more money!  As always, we offer same day dispatch, free delivery, same day colour printing, and worldwide shipping.

We’re Proud to Offer Silicone!

After years of success, it was clear we needed to step up our game and find a durable alternative to the weaker wristbands on the market.  The silicone project is something we’ve been working towards for quite a while, and we’re pleased to say that we offer the same high- quality products that you’re looking for in an even higher quality version!  Should you have any concerns or complaints about the new silicone wristbands, please contact us as your satisfaction with our products is our number one concern.