L Shape Wristbands (Silver)

Options for every budget
Uncompromising on quality
Over 10 million
wristbands in stock
{ 19mm and 25mm width }
Same day
Print and Dispatch
{ Only orders placed before 3:00pm }
Custom printed
choice logos and text
{ or Plain wristbands }
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Looking for high quality wristbands to aid with people management at your next event?...
Secure your event in style with 100 custom-printed silver L-shaped wristbands from UK...
The answer to any event or party which needs effective people management is our sets of...
We supply sets of 500 custom-printed silver L-shaped event wristbands to festivals,...
L-shaped wristbands are an ideal security solution for large events such as concerts,...
Stay in control of event admissions with custom-printed silver wristbands from the...
Your event wristbands at a large event, such as a festival, convention, exhibition or...
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Items 1 to 7 of 7 total