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Clearance – Seconds Stock


What is UK Wristbands Clearance


UK Wristbands clearance offers great deals on quality second items. With all the purchasing benefits of ordering new. That’s great customer service and a right to return. We provide discounts on factory seconds to ensure minimal waste is put into landfill as well as offering great value products to our customers who don’t mind a small imperfection here or there. The security strip and adhesive is functional and the bands can be used as normal. 


As standard our factory seconds are described as New with defects: The item is brand new, unused, and unworn with possible cosmetic imperfections ranging from:
Colour variations
Scuffs or nicks
Small material creasing
Poor ink coverage
No numbering


All the above defects occasionally occur during the manufacturing process.


Photos below show the type of imperfections you may recieve.


                           Colour Variations                                Poor Ink Coverage                                No Numbers                                           Ink Scuffs


We are not able to offer bespoke custom print orders using seconds stock, nor can we guarantee what the imperfections will be. If you contact your sales team on 01323 512740 or email, the team will try to assist where possible.