Rubber Wristbands

Perhaps you’re not interested in the hipster ideals of the future.  If that’s the case, you can satisfy your old school, blue collar wristband needs with the tried and true material… rubber.  That’s right - rubber wristbands are here!  Coming in the same plethora of colours that we offer for our other products, you’re able to support your favorite football club, school, or awareness cause.  Rubber is the material we’ve trusted to move us around for thousands of miles literally and is known to last for a very long time.  Rubber wristbands are durable, flexible, and often made from retired and recycled materials like tires!  As you’ve come to expect from us, these wristbands are a high-quality product created with the customer’s satisfaction in mind, so we offer the best prices and service to ensure a pleasant experience for all.

Why Rubber?

  • Long lasting.  Rubber is an extremely long-lasting material, not susceptible to the same chemical breakdowns that paper-based products are, ensuring the wristbands can stand the tests of time.  This also means that you can take the wristband off and put it back on as you see fit.  Perfect for the hard-working man or professional business woman!
  • Resilient.  Water and extreme temperatures are unlikely to have negative effects on your wristbands.  Over time, the elements and climate could lead to quicker decomposition, but we’re talking years.  The rubber wristbands are likely going to last longer than you’ll ever need them to.
  • Recyclable.  Rubber, much like plastics, go through many generations of use.  It can be recycled and created into another material for use, leaving the environment virtually unharmed.  It’s nice to know that you aren’t making a negative impact on the world we live on when you get ready to retire the wristband.
  • Familiarity.  Most of the awareness wristbands you see out there are made out of a rubber material.  Some rubber is higher quality than others, and we ensure that while our wristbands are made with the top-quality material, we also think it’s important to have a level of familiarity with the rubber product line.  It will feel similar to other wristbands you’ve worn so it won’t take much getting used to!

Customize Your Colour!

Naturally, you’re able to pick the colour of your choice for the rubber wristbands, as with the rest of our products.  Since we have a large variety of colours available, there is almost certainly something to tickle your fancy.  Since the prices are so reasonable, we suggest mixing and matching so that you get a nice variety for any outfit or occasion.  Conversely, if you’re planning on promoting a particular product or service, you should consider the meaning behind each colour and the relationships we subconsciously make when it comes to the many different colours on the colour wheel.  Our colours include:

White – We often associate the colour white with goodness, kindness, purity, and cleanliness.  White is one of the most popular colours as it can be paired with any other colour.  If you’re looking for a softer, gentler, and peaceful colour to promote your brand, white is a fine choice.  Cleaning products and safety products are often promoted using some form of the colour white.

Purple – Looking for something with a bit more of a luxurious feel?  Feeling like you need to convey deep understanding and nobility?  Purple is the perfect colour for you!  Often used to convey success and wealth, purple is used to promote services or products that will help people achieve their most ambitious of goals.  If you’re simply looking for a colour to capture somebody’s eye, purple is definitely the way to go as it is an extremely rare natural colour and is almost always man made.

Red – Fire, passion, power.  Red is something that many people desire since it relates to a certain level of power and control.  Assuming you’re looking for something to show superiority over others, red is often used when promoting sports and other competition.  If you’re not looking for the power aspect, red is also the colour of desire.  Studies show that people wearing red are up to 3 times more attractive than those who are wearing a different colour, simply because red is the colour of desire and is naturally appealing to most people.

Yellow – Cheeriness and bliss.  Sunshine and friends.  If you’re aiming to add a dash of comfort and happiness to your wardrobe, these yellow wristbands are the perfect accent piece.  Yellow is used to promote feel-good products and services, self-help and self-health programs, and vacations.  One thing that seemingly everybody can agree on is that a nice vacation to a sunny beach is just what the doctor ordered to fill our passion buckets.

Orange – Sometimes known as the forgotten colour.  Orange is a beautiful combination platter of the red and yellow colours.  Which means it’s a lovely combination of joy, happiness, desire, and success.  Orange is frequently used to grab our attention so that we understand something is important but not to be feared.  Most commonly, orange is used to promote products like children’s toys and software to better your business.

Green – What do you think of when you hear “green”?  We’re willing to wager than many of you actually think of the buzzword “green” as opposed to the colour green.  We have been programmed to relate the colour green with nature and advertisements have only solidified that.  Now we relate “green” to environmental preservation just as much as we relate the word to the colour green.  Keep that in mind when you’re looking to use the colour to promote your product, service, or cause.

Dark Green – Perhaps one of the more sadistic colours, dark green can imply stacks of cash, jealousy, envy, and greed.  Dark green is frequently used as either a primary or accent colour for the villains in all of the superhero comic books or movies.  This is because dark green helps portray the true desire of the wearer while looking deceptively innocent.  Dark green is suggested as the ideal colour to promote products and services in financial circles.  Boast about your undeniable wealth and motivation by wearing a dark green rubber wristband.

Blue – Sometimes known as the colour of sadness.  That’s an unfair association and assumption.  Blue is the colour of the sky and our oceans!  There is nothing more attractive and comforting than a clear, blue sky.  The skies and seas are, have always been, and will always be blue.  This is why blue is the colour of reliability and loyalty.  Sure as night will come at the end of every day, blue is forever.  Consider blue when promoting products, services, and organizations that have stood the tests of time and don’t look like they’re going to be going anywhere any time soon.

Aqua – An interesting blend of both green and blue.  Often used to signify integrity, knowledge, and wealth.  If you’re aiming to promote a product or service that is top of the line or best in class, the aqua wristband is for you.

Gold – Almost always considered to be the most precious metal.  For this reason, we associate gold with genuine prestige and only the highest level of social class.  Gold is almost more influential than dark green when it comes to promoting wealth, the difference being an added layer of respect or prestige.  Use gold for a variety of promotional products or services, typically aiming to impose an air of success and respect.

Silver – Almost humorously so, silver is drastically different than gold.  Gold can imply something is temporary while silver is more of a constant.  Representing consistency and intelligence, silver should be used for the products that have been around for a long time, but also those that have operated at a very high level and are proven to have a promising future.

All of the colours listed here can be found all around each one of us every day.  Try to take a moment to understand how the colour of something you use in everyday life makes you feel.  Consider the colour choices for the different products that are being advertised in your magazine or on your television.  Understand that the colours are chosen for a specific reason, not just because they’re “pretty.”  On a subconscious level, colours effect the way we think and feel about an item.  What’s your favorite colour?  That particular colour will almost always describe something about your personality.  Something that resonates with you and makes you who you are.  Be sure you don’t overlook the importance of colour if you’re trying to promote a product or service by giving away rubber wristbands.

Alternatively, if you’re not really interested in promoting something, the large variety of colours offered will ensure you have no trouble matching the team or club you’re making an effort to support.  Sport the colours proudly so that all the world can see your love and passion for … whatever it is you love and are passionate for!

Why Sport Wristbands?

  • If you’re at work in a white-collar job, good luck trying to walk around in your favorite team’s cap!  In church this Sunday, let’s see if you don’t turn heads by wearing that shirt you got from the bar you love or the hoodie that promotes your pest control service.  Might as well go in to praise in the safety goggles too.  Wristbands are a subtle way to support your favorite club or promote your business and products without wearing something outrageous in an unacceptable setting.  Use it as a conversation starter when somebody asks about it.  That’s much healthier than being scoffed at in church or written up at work.
  • Rubber wristbands are unbelievably popular.  For 15 years, rubber wristbands have been used to promote causes and to show other people that you’re passionate about something.  Ever since the Livestrong campaign kicked off, the power of wearing a rubber wristband has been more widely understood and accepted.  It’s almost rarer to find somebody that hasn’t worn one for one reason or another than somebody who has.  Sometimes you see people with multiples on, each a different colour and each representing something different.
  • No need to remove it.  Unless you absolutely need to for safety concerns, there is no reason to have to remove the wristband.  You could easily lose your favorite sports hat, but there is no need to worry about that with these wristbands.  Rubber is naturally very resilient, so it’s unlikely your wristband will break off, leaving you available to wear it 24/7, 365 days a year!

10 Other Popular Uses for Rubber Wristbands

We’d be remiss not to share the ideas that our customers have had with you.  There are a large variety of other popular uses for our wristbands!  It’s not all sports teams, promotions, and clubs.  Here’s a list comprised of the 10 most interesting and useful ideas we’ve seen our wristbands used for:

  1. Fundraising.  What an excellent way to increase the bank account for a group that you’re a part of!  Maybe you’re trying to raise money for somebody who needs some health care or special assistance.  Perhaps somebody in your community suffered a tragic loss of life or of property to fire.  Churches, scouts, support groups, children’s clubs and charities buy our wristbands and resell them for profit.  We encourage such behavior as a way to better people and their communities.
  2. Symbolic steps.  Think of alcoholics anonymous and the sobriety chips that are given out for each milestone reached.  Or the belts for experience levels in karate.  Different colour wristbands have been used as motivators and rewards in step programs and to promote healthy competition within business.
  3. Teams.  If you’re having trouble designating who may be a part of certain groups or teams, the different colour wristbands are perfect for such an occasion.  We don’t mean for somebody about to play baseball or some sort of team sport but maybe for a scavenger hunt or trivia contest.  Perhaps even family reunions or designation for sides of the family during a wedding.
  4. Gender reveal!  There is about to be another new member of your family… what a good idea to use these wristbands to predict the gender of the bun that’s still in the oven. 
  5. Colour coordination.  It’s becoming a common practice for companies to purchase colour wristbands to hold together supplies in supply closets.  The different colours allow for the divvying up of materials in a coherent and standardized manner.  The wristbands are thicker and stronger than rubber bands so they last much longer and there is a savings in the long run.
  6. Media passes and special privilege control.  Perhaps you’re holding an event with restrictions on access to certain areas.  Maybe only individuals who paid a premium price will have access to the VIP area.  What better way to segregate the important people from the common crowd than using stylish rubber wristbands?
  7. Length of stay.  Concert venues, hotels, theme parks, and campgrounds have been known to use our bands to distinguish how long customers are welcome in their facilities.  It’s an easy, non-intrusive way to identify and prevent trespassers.
  8. Field trips.  In many cases, school systems will band together to travel on a large, group field trip.  Our wristbands are durable and comfortable, allowing for students to wear the bands so that it’s easy to keep track of the children.  This keeps it simple and easy to identify what student belongs to which school if there is some sort of separation.
  9. Substance control.  This is a big one.  Many restaurants, pubs, bars, and clubs have been using our durable wristbands as a means of identifying individuals that can be served tobacco or alcohol.  Instead of constantly demanding to see ID, the verification can take place at the door, saving a lot of time and effort for the wait staff.  The rubber wristbands are extra useful.  Beverages won’t ruin them!
  10. Party favors.  Is there a better way to give a gift than that of swag?  Swag that simultaneously advertises the conference people attended for the next annual event!  Children love to brag to one another that they were able to go to the Jones’s house for a birthday party… give them a birthday wristband as proof!

How to Buy

Here comes the hard part, believe it or not.  Consider the number of wristbands you think you’re going to need.  Add at least 20 to 25% more to the total number you were going to purchase.  We find that many people wildly underestimate the number of wristbands they’re going to need… especially if it comes to some sort of fundraiser or event.  You can feel confident that your order will be received and processed immediately by  We have over 10 million wristbands in stock for both 19mm and 25mm width options to ship your order as soon as it is received. 

Make sure you check out our special offers page from time to time!  You might be able to save yourself or your organization even more money!  As always, we offer same day dispatch, free delivery, same day colour printing, and worldwide shipping.