Printed Wristbands

Uses for Printed Wristbands

Printed wristbands are the ideal solution for parties, fundraising, generating awareness, promoting a business, or managing security at an event. They’re inexpensive, comfortable to wear, and printed wristbands can be customised to meet your needs. You can also opt for plain wristbands if you choose to make your own printed wristbands.

There are limitless opportunities for using custom printed wristbands – use your imagination for what you could do with them! Here are some ideas to get you started, this is a list of the most common ways people and organizations use printed wristbands:

  • Admission/tickets
  • Single-day passes
  • Multi-day passes
  • Alcohol control
  • Backstage passes/VIP access
  • Bag tags
  • Carnivals, festivals, fairs
  • Contests and promotions
  • Conferences and conventions
  • Fundraisers
  • Group identification
  • Height restrictions
  • Identifying staff or volunteers
  • Media passes
  • School field trips
  • Daycare centers
  • And more…


UK Wristbands Offers High Quality Tyvek Wristbands and Vinyl/Plastic Wristbands

Tyvek wristbands can be printed with your logo or other artwork that represents your event or organization. They’re made from a paper-like material, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t durable or that they will rip off. They are the perfect solution for single-day events, although can be used for events lasting up to three days successfully. They are one-size-fits-all and come sequentially numbered.  Ripping a Tyvek wristband without damaging it is nearly impossible because it has a tamper-resistant design and a high-quality adhesive. If someone does manage to get their wristband off, it won’t stick again when placed around a friend’s wrist as the adhesive is not re-useable.

You can add up to two lines of text on the 1” wide wristbands or a single line of text and a small logo on the ¾” wide wristbands. And, you can further customize your wristbands by choosing the background colour. We have Tyvek wristbands for sale at extremely affordable prices. For example, buying 100 premium, 1” wide printed wristbands start at £7.89 per 100 wristbands, while the ¾-inch wide printed wristbands start at £6.99 for 100. If you are buying the plain wristbands to print yourself, you can get 100 1-inch wristbands for under £6.00 with the smaller ¾-inch wristbands for £4.99.

Our Vinyl/Plastic wristbands are slightly sturdier than our Tyvek wristbands, making the vinyl/plastic wristbands ideal for multi-day events, or for any event that you require barcodes, QR codes, or numbering on your wristbands. You can order 100 vinyl/plastic wristbands for £24. Adding barcodes, QR codes, or numbering will cost an additional £36.

Here’s a more detailed look at the various uses for printed wristbands:

Printed Wristbands as Party Favors

Having a birthday party or other party at a public venue? Some people get t-shirts printed to help keep track of party guests, but why not go the inexpensive route and get printed wristband party favors?

You can take party wristbands a step further. If you plan to play any games that require teams, have your wristbands printed in different colours for as many teams as you require for your activities. It can be the red team against the blue team, for example.

Printed Wristbands for Fundraising

Wristbands are inexpensive to buy in large quantities, which makes them an ideal item for fundraising purposes. You can get wristbands for a few pence per unit rather than a few pounds each, which means you can sell them at low prices to encourage more sales while keeping more of the money for your cause. The vinyl/plastic wristbands are a good option for selling to support your organization’s fundraising needs.

Alternatively, they can be used at fundraising events in place of standard tickets for entry. If someone makes a donation or purchases an item to support your fundraiser, you can slap a printed wristband on their wrist with some information about your cause for other event attendees to see and hopefully, it will encourage others to help support your cause, as well!


Printed Wristbands for Awareness Campaigns

Bracelets and wristbands catch people’s eye. If you’ve ever worn a wristband, chances are people have seen it when you’re out and about. You’ve probably noticed other people wearing wristbands and attempted to get a peek at what it was for. When you get printed wristbands with information regarding your favorite cause, people will notice it. They may even ask questions about it – and that’s exactly what you want when trying to generate awareness and support from people regarding your cause.

Give wristbands away when people donate to your cause, attend an event, or make a purchase related to your cause. Get a booth at an event, and when people stop by to see what you have to offer, ask them if they will help spread awareness and support your cause by wearing a printed wristband.  There are many opportunities to use these inexpensive items to generate awareness!

Printed Wristbands for Business

If your business is an event sponsor, take the opportunity to have printed wristbands created with your logo or slogan on one side, and a coupon code for your website or actual coupon for use in your retail business on the other. You may be able to increase sales simply by placing a valuable offer on your printed wristbands that event guests can use when shopping with you later.

Additionally, if you are hosting an event of some sort, you can sell advertising space in the form of wristbands that all guests must wear. The cost of advertising will not only cover the cost of printing your wristbands, but if priced correctly – your business could also profit from selling the advertising space to event sponsors.

Numbered wristbands can be used for special promotional contests and raffles. If event attendees are provided with a wristband upon entry, you can also use the numbers on their wristband to select a random winner without having to purchase and give out additional raffle tickets.


Printed Wristbands for Daycare Centers

Many owners of daycare centers are ordering printed wristbands for the children attending their daycare. Each child gets a customised wristband to wear each day they are in the center, so staff members can very easily identify each child by name. If your center serves food, the wristbands could be used to designate any allergies a child may have. Whatever the allergy, from peanuts to tree nuts to milk – it is important that all staff members are aware and can easily identify the children at a glance who have allergy concerns in order to better protect them from the foods that could make them sick or cause allergic reactions.

Printed Wristbands for Event Security

Whether you need a wristband to designate different access levels at an event (drinking adults versus children, for example) or you want event attendees to have the ability to come and go as they please with easy re-entry, printed wristbands are the ideal solution for your event security and crowd control needs.  Order different colours and texts for each access level your event requires, get proof of identity once for each guest, and make it easy to see at a glance where everyone should be at the event.

Tyvek wristbands are waterproof and tear resistant, and feature smudge proof printing that will not rub off. Once they are placed on the wrist, they cannot be removed and shared with someone else.  You can use printed wristbands for VIP/backstage passes, giving security an easy visual check to determine whether individuals have access or not. You can use one colour wristband to designate guests with access to the bar, and another colour to designate guests who are not of drinking age. Or, use printed wristbands for every guest paying for admission so they can leave and return without having to find a ticket stub or proof of purchase.

Choosing Colours for Your Printed Wristbands

There are many options for the colours of your wristbands. You can go with a colour that matches your brand, or one that will stand out and draw attention to itself when worn on someone’s wrist.

Tyvek printed wristbands are available in the following colours:

  • Blue
  • Dark green
  • Gold
  • Aqua
  • Neon green
  • Neon orange
  • Neon pink
  • Neon yellow
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Sky blue
  • White
  • Yellow

Our Vinyl/Plastic wristbands come in six colours:

  • White
  • Red
  • Neon orange
  • Neon yellow
  • Neon green
  • Neon pink

When considering your colour options for printed wristbands, you will want to consider what you will print on the wristband. If using a high-colour logo, keep in mind the colours of your logo will appear different depending on the background colour you choose for your wristband. It is recommended that you choose a white wristband if the colour of your logo or text is important to your brand as the logo colors will look different or may not show up at all on certain background colours.

The background colour of your wristband does not affect the pricing.

How to Buy Printed Wristbands

Once you have an idea for how you will use printed wristbands for your business, event, or charity, and you’ve decided if you want Tyvek paper wristbands or our vinyl/plastic wristbands, you’ll have to decide whether you want the wristbands customised before purchase or you plan to print them yourself. Most people find the difference in price to have the wristbands customised with your message or logo is so minimal that it is simply easier and more cost effective to design and order the wristbands pre-printed.

You can feel confident that your order will be received and processed immediately by We have over 10 million wristbands in stock for both 19mm and 25mm width options, and we are prepared to print and ship your order as soon as it is received.

You’ll also need to decide how much information will be printed on your wristbands. If you have just a few words and a small image, you might choose to go with the ¾-inch wide wristbands. On the other hand, if you intend to use more text or a larger logo, then you’ll want to take a look at the 1-inch wide wristbands to have more room for the messaging.


How to Design Your Custom Printed Wristbands

After you have chosen your colour from our list of available wristband colour options, you can choose to use our basic or advanced design system to create the words and/or images that will appear on the wristband.

Basic Design

Type in your text for line 1 (and line 2 if working with a 1-inch wide wristband). You can use the drop-down boxes to determine the font and size. If you do not want to include text, click the option for “No text just logos/artwork”.

Click on the tab for Logos/Artwork. Next, you can choose artwork from the list on the page, upload your own logo, or choose the option to email logo/artwork after ordering. You can also choose the positioning for your logo or artwork, either to the left of your text, to the right, or on both sides.

All of UK Wristbands include our branding printed on the reverse side (it cannot be seen when the wristband is worn). If you prefer to remove our branding from your finished product, click on the UK Wristband Branding tab and choose the option for removing the UK Wristband branding. It costs just a bit more to remove the branding.

Advanced Design

Type in your text in the box labeled “Text Line”. Choose the font and size from the drop-down boxes. Then, you can drag and drop an image from the screen onto the example wristband shown at the top of the page. Use your mouse to move the image and text around until it is the way you would like it to appear on the wristband.

Designer Tool

You can also go directly to our online designer tool to choose a version of your wristband designer (basic or advanced). Choose Tyvek paper wristbands or the Vinyl/Plastic wristbands if you prefer. Then enter your text, size and colour, logos/artwork, choose quantity, and add to your bag to complete your purchase!

Ordering Custom Printed Wristbands from

When you are happy with your completed printed wristband design, choose the quantity for your order and add it to your bag to complete the checkout process. accepts PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro payments.  You can choose your shipping speed from our standard free shipping, next day before 1 pm, next day before 9am, or next day courier options for Mainland UK.

You can count on us even if you have an event or need for your wristbands in a hurry – and you won’t even have to pay a rush fee. All orders at UK Wristbands are printed and shipped on the same day if they are received by 3 pm – competitors can take as long as two weeks to print and ship your order!