Party Wristbands

Party Wristbands:

If you are hosting a party, wristbands tell you and your team a lot about the big event. Wristbands for parties allow you to track sales, monitor who comes and goes, provide VIPs with exclusive access, and more. Plus, when your party guests leave, they can keep the custom wristband as a souvenir.

Take a look at why so many promoters, hosts, and event organizers choose over other party admission options when planning their next event - big or small.


Why Choose Party Wristbands Instead of Hand Stamps

When you choose wristbands for parties, you are making a better decision for your employees, your guests, and your pocketbook.

Party wristbands allow you to break from the old and tired stamp-on-the-hand admission because there are more than a few things wrong with using stamps at your party.

First, stamps wash off. No matter how much you spend on “wash-proof” ink, it still comes off. Ink stamps and parties don’t mix because when people have a good time they sweat, they spill, and they hopefully wash their hands after using the toilet. What that means is they have to get back in line to regain entry to the party, they have to go back to host for a new stamp so they can drink, or they just leave altogether.

When guests continue to go back for stamps on the hand at your party, they clog up the line, which prevents your bouncers and hosts/hostesses from being productive and letting more people into your party. When that happens, lines get too long, people leave, and cash drains from your profits or fundraising efforts. Stamps also kill productivity of the event staff.

There is another issue with stamps - the skin. Ink on the skin is itchy and messy. Ink can cause skin irritation and rashes on some of your guests.

Why Choose Party Wristbands Instead of Printed or Virtual Tickets

Okay, so no stamps. What about using printed and virtual tickets for party guests? The wristband is more than a ticket.

A couple of things go wrong when you choose a ticketing system: computer error and human error.

No one wants to carry a ticket in their pocket and face the dread of losing it, or worse, it gets stolen. And tickets are virtually useless and difficult to track if the party, festival, or event lasts longer than one day. It is also easy for guests to give their tickets to others or resell them, which takes away from your earnings.

Party wristbands are the overall better choice because ultimately lead to shorter lines than you find with traditional ticketing systems, and yet, they have the potential to allow and accommodate more people at your event. That means you can redirect manpower and resources to other areas. Wristbands are easier and quicker to check, they allow you to organize ticket holders into different groups and subgroups, and they are much easier to scan than a paper or a ticket that won’t load on a mobile device.

When you give your patrons a party wristband instead of a paper ticket or e-ticket, it changes their entire experience overall. When their wait isn’t a hassle, and they can get right in to drink, play, or party; your reviews and mentions on social media will be much more favorable.

Benefits of Ordering Party Wristbands for Your Next Event

UK Wristbands are the perfect solution for any event you are planning. They are professional, custom, and better yet - affordable. The benefits are exactly what you need for your party. Here are just a few benefits of using party wristbands for events.

Customise party bands without blowing the budget

Party wristbands allow you to permit hundreds or thousands of guests into a single event or multiple-day party for as little as£17.99 for 300 or as low as£200 for as many as 5,000 custom printed premium wristbands.

When you customise your wristbands, you guarantee that your logo and brand get out to as many guests and prospects before the event begins and after it ends. When you save money on the printed party wristbands with your custom logo, you can allow for room in the party budget for other items and amenities that will improve the guest experience overall.

A happy guest is one that keeps coming back to your events, and you need all the cash you can save to make that happen.

Guests spend less time in a line and more time inside

Long lines may sound like a good thing, but they aren’t when your party is not at capacity or near full capacity. The wrong entry program into parties will dramatically impede the flow of traffic in and out of the party, causing a frustrating bottlenecking of people who just want to have fun. It also creates a headache and mass chaos when an emergency situation arises.

When long lines and bottlenecking occur at your party, the event transforms from an anticipated blowout to a dud real quick as the people inside complain about the atmosphere and lack of people after having to wait too long outside. Plus, the guests outside will become frustrated and find another event where they can actually enjoy themselves instead of waiting for a party where now the people who were inside are leaving because it’s terrible.

Paper wristbands improve security

Security must be on the mind of every event organizer and party planner. The thing is security must be cohesive and carefully integrated into your event so patrons don’t feel it but they know it is there. You can’t exactly allow dogs inside to sniff around, no one wants to be at a party with a large police presence, and you can’t afford a large-scale security team and the fancy equipment, such as metal detectors and weapons, that it brings. It is also impossible to check the hands or tickets of every person inside the entire time. Again, talk about a mood killer!

Paper wristbands are an easy way to improve security without the expense or the inconvenience to your guests. Guests can identify themselves and their level of access to party staff with the quick flash of the wrist which only takes a second, versus the several minutes of security pat-downs and ticket verification methods. Using party wristbands permits your guests to move freely and to access the amenities and services your party provides.

Paper wristbands are tamper-proof as well, which is a desirable feature. Paper party wristbands have a special adhesive and design that makes it virtually impossible to take off and give to someone else unless it is cut off. That means as long as your team properly places the bracelets around guests’ wrists, you and your staff don’t have to worry about security concerns that arise when people slip off their wristbands and give them to someone else who is either waiting to get in or needs access to other areas of the party.

Party wristbands are traveling promotional materials

Companies and organizations struggle to remain relevant, to get their brand noticed, and to stay in the minds of current and existing consumers. Traditional marketing methods don’t work as well as the money you spend on them makes you believe they do.

Spare your budget the expense and overall lack of effectiveness of typical and outdated marketing methods. When you buy custom party wristbands for your event,  your guests become the walking billboards as they carry your promotional items on their wrists. Wherever they go with their wristband on, your logo will follow.

Wristbands stick around longer

Wristbands for parties simply last longer. Long after the party has ended, your guest can hang on to the wristband as a party favor from the event. The best part about party wristbands is that you can put the event name, date, and location on the band. That is good for you and the people who want to save the wristband.

Who doesn’t have old ticket stubs from movies, t-shirts from memorable concerts, and glassware from events? The customisable party wristband is just another way to remember the day. Soon, after the same guests keep coming back and bringing their friends, they will build quite a collection of custom wristbands, and each one will have your company or event on it.

The weather isn’t a problem

Party wristbands are durable, protecting your event not only from bad weather but bad intruders - party crashers - as well. Whether raining or snowing, the right party wristband can withstand both.

Vinyl and plastic wristbands are great for events that have a strong potential for adverse weather.

You can choose between silicon wristbands that slide on and off, like the ones you see for disease awareness campaigns, or you can choose L-shaped vinyl wristbands with tamper-proof button studs. Button studs ensure your guests aren’t removing the wristband to give it to someone else. The only way to get off the button is to pry it off, and when that happens, the wristband won’t stay any longer.

Rolls of plain thermal wristbands are also a customisable option that allows you to print your logo and event information on the band while also allowing varying levels of access to your event.

Tyvek paper wristbands are ideal for keeping out unwanted guests and moisture. Tyvek paper wristbands for parties and events are waterproof and tamper-proof. When you wrap the bands around the wrists of your guests, the guest doesn’t have to worry about losing access to the party, their tent, or the bar when the weather turns.

Your way, easy pay

When you plan a party, everything has a place and a purpose. That includes the wristbands, too. You choose the colour, the print, the logo, and the type of band. You can play with the designs online and pay as soon as you are ready.

Paying for party wristbands is easy and affordable. tells you how long you have to place your order online to get immediate dispatch and free shipping. You also see special offers as you shop to provide you with greater access to a variety of special promotions and more party wristbands for less. Once you design your wristband and add it to your cart, makes it easy to pay and be on your way so you can get back to planning other parts of the party. allows you to securely enter your Mastercard, Maestro, VISA, or Paypal information when you check out.

It’s really that easy. Take a look at how you can get started creating your party wristband.

Customize Your Party Wristband in 1-2-3 Steps

Now it’s time to have fun customising. You don’t have to waste all day making a great band. You can customise a party wristband in as little as three steps. Here’s how.

  1. Choose the band

The first step is to choose the best band for your party or event. Here’s a tip: if you are having a party with paid admission, drinks, or special lists, always choose the Tyvek paper wristbands or vinyl/plastic wristbands. Here is a quick recap of the different types of wristbands for parties and how each fits your event needs.

Tyvek wristbands

For parties, multi-day events, and large crowds. The wristbands are:

  • Tamper-proof
  • Available in 14 different colours
  • 25 mm (1 in) wide or 19mm (3/4 inch) wide
  • 10 inches long

Vinyl wristbands

Vinyl wristbands are ideal for events that last a while. The bands are single-use bands, but the option to buy more for less makes them a more economical option for large parties. Vinyl wristbands have these desirable features:

  • More bracelets for less
  • L-shaped design
  • 12 available colors
  • Plastic button studs that cannot be opened

These bands must be cut off to get off.

Silicon wristbands

Silicon wristbands are the types of bands you would use as party favours or brand awareness favors that guests can wear long after your event or party has ended. Silicon wristbands are the ones you know from disease campaigns, support events, and more.

The silicon bracelet became popular after the Lance Armstrong Livestrong campaign. Now, most people you see every day are wearing silicon wristbands.

Here are the features of the silicon wristband that makes them popular party wristbands and brand favors:

  • 10 available colors
  • Slip on and off easily
  • Don’t need to be cut off
  • Durable
  • Waterproof

Silicon bracelets are a great addition to parties, but they can be removed easily, so these are best suited as party favors, giveaways and fundraiser items to promote your event or organization.

Thermal wristbands

Thermal wristbands are a good option for on-demand wristband printing, and you get more. Rolls of thermal wristbands often have a minimum of at least 100 party wristbands. This allows you to accommodate large crowds quicker.

Thermal wristbands:

  • Come in large rolls
  • Can be customised for a small charge
  • Allow rapid entry and ticketing
  • Have six different colour options
  • Fastened by a plastic, tamper-proof plastic button
  • Allow you the option to print your own wristbands
  1. Write the text

Now that you know what type of wristband to use for a party, it is time to write the text. The UK Wristband designer gives you the tools to choose your words for the wristband.

Once you choose the type of band and the colour, use the text editor to select the font and the font size. Depending on the size of the band, you have the option to add a second line of text. Begin typing your event and brand information in the text editor and watch it appear on the band as you type it out. The designer has a useful red line that shows you when your text is too long, which makes it invisible once the bracelet is on.

If you wish to add a second line of text, begin typing what won’t fit on the top line in the text line 2 box. This ensures you say everything you need to say about your event.

When choosing the text for your party wristband, don’t forget to include the following: event name, date, access level, and company contact information.

  1. Add your logo/artwork

The final piece the party wristband is the logo. This is important because it is your brand, your image, your artwork on the wristband. It will be printed on hundreds and thousands of party wristbands, so it must be right and look good.

Choose the position won the bracelet where you want the logo to appear, and then get creative. You can choose from stock artwork, or you can upload or email a logo or artwork.

All bracelets come with UK wristband branding on the reverse side. It is hidden from view when the guest wears your unique party wristband, but you can choose to remove it if you wish.

Now, you have gone through the easy process of designing a party wristband on the site. All that is left is to order within the time showing and your order will be scheduled for special delivery when you select it at checkout, but before you go, checkout the special offers and sales on party wristbands too.