Cheap Wristbands

Cheap Wristbands: Are They The Best Option for Your Brand?

The type of wristbands you choose for your next party, fundraiser, awareness campaign, or other weekend event matters. Wristbands serve several purposes - admitting guests, managing security, as guest party favors and more, but they don’t have to cost a fortune to make a difference and complement your brand.

Here is a look at why you need wristbands, which ones work best for your event or campaign, and where to buy cheap wristbands online.

Uses for Cheap Wristbands

Cheap wristbands are so versatile that you can use them for all kinds of functions and needs. Let’s take a look at several ways people or companies like yours use cheap wristbands purchased online:

  • ID verification
  • Party or event submission
  • Holiday
  • Litter reduction
  • Security
  • Medical needs
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Party affiliation
  • Contest giveaways
  • Fundraising

Types of Cheap Wristbands for Your Needs

There are four types of cheap wristbands sold on our website, and each has a variety of uses. The type of wristband you choose should depend completely on your needs. The budget is taken care of, as you can get hundreds or thousands of cheap wristbands for sale. Plus, there is always a special offer that allows you to save even more.

Take a look at your options:

  • Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek wristbands are available in solid colours only, or you can customise them with your event information and logos/artwork.

These wristbands are commonly used for events such as parties, festivals, fairs, and anything else that requires admission and security. Consumers like the Tyvek wristbands because they affordable, durable, customisable, and fraud-resistant.

Tyvek wristbands are made from a paper-like material; however, that doesn’t make them easier to rip off. Figuring out how to rip off a Tyvek wristband is near impossible. Removing the paper wristband is a task better suited for a pair of scissors. That is because of the tamper-resistance design and adhesive.

When the band is properly placed around a guest’s wrist, it should be snug enough so that the wristband doesn’t slip off easily, but comfortable enough so that the band doesn’t impede wrist movement. When the adhesive flap sticks to the band, the band remains in place until it is cut off. It is not possible to rip off the adhesive strip. It is specially formulated to stick tighter when being pulled on and if someone can pull off or remove the band, the adhesive will not stick again because fibers will be stuck to it.

Tyvek wristbands are available in a variety of colours and sizes to meet your needs. 1-inch (25 mm) plain Tyvek wristbands for sale cheap. 100 premium wristbands are below £6.00. Slightly smaller bands can be purchased in a collection of 100, 3/4-inch (19mm) wristbands for £4.99.

If you prefer to customise the wristbands for your event, prices for 100, 1-inch (25mm) customisable bands start out at £7.89. The next size down, 3/4-inch (19mm) bands start out at only £6.99 for 100 premium custom printed bands.

The available premium colours are aqua, blue, black, dark green, yellow, gold, purple, red, silver, sky blue, and white. If you need a variety of colours, a 100 premium classic mix pack of Tyvek bands are available as well.

Perhaps you have an upcoming event for which neon colours are best suited. No worries. The neon coloured wristbands add personality to the event and pop the wrists of your event guests. Tyvek neon wristbands for sale online come in brightly coloured neon green, orange, pink, and yellow colours.

  • Vinyl wristbands

Vinyl wristbands are an even cheaper option when you are looking for cheap bracelets for sale.

The vinyl wristband may be cheap, but it isn't ineffective. The vinyl wristband is great for events and programs where security and tampering with bands is a concern. These bands are water-resistant and durable. Like the Tyvek wristbands, vinyl wristbands are good for admission to parties, events, camps, clinics, and festivals. Vinyl wristbands are so affordable that you can choose several different band colours for the same event and to serve many different purposes.

Does your business or event face any of these scenarios? You have an event where guests purchase different types of tickets or levels of access. Some guests are old enough to drink alcoholic beverages, and others are not. Some guests may be permitted in VIP areas, or event staff needs to be easily recognizable. Perhaps you are in charge of hosting a small school fair or school dance, or you are tasked with organizing a large weekend-long gathering. Are you the one responsible for organizing a large conference? Those are a few common scenarios in which cheap vinyl wristbands for sale help you solve admissions and security concerns at events.

There are additional scenarios you may not have thought about, for example, cheap vinyl wristbands are especially useful when working with large populations of people with various needs and dietary restrictions. What does that mean? If you run a day camp, a getaway camp, or a sports clinic for children, you need to be alert at all times. Working with children requires that you are aware of their needs, but it is impossible for you and your staff to remember what every child needs or what foods they can't have, especially when you are dealing with more than a dozen children at a time. That is where vinyl wristbands are useful as you can see at a glance if a child has special dietary needs. Consider giving children with nut allergies a red wristband, children with dairy allergies a yellow wristband, children with bee sting allergies a white wristband, and so on.

Coloured wristbands are a useful system that allows essential personnel to look at a child and know their exact dietary or medical needs.

About 5 million children suffer from food allergies. Peanut allergies are the most common, followed by milk and shellfish, but there are so many more that neither you nor your staff could remember for every child. Colour coded bracelets that alert staff to food allergies create a safe environment for the child or children in your care.

What about asthma or diabetes? That would be useful to know, but you can't always run over to a kid to ask. Plus, if a child is suffering from a medical emergency, they may not have the ability to tell you. Having a coloured vinyl bracelet for medical needs immediately tells you and anyone else that the child has a medical condition.

If your budget is small, but your need for security and safety are not, vinyl bracelets are a cheap way to go. Vinyl bracelets are water-resistant, customisable, durable, and outfitted with a plastic button that is tamper-resistant so guests can take off the bracelet and share it with someone else.

  • Silicon Wristbands

Silicon wristbands are so common that you can walk outside and see someone wearing one right now.  You might even have one on your wrist at this moment. Silicon wristbands are great as party favors, fundraiser sale items, and for handing out conferences or grab-bag events.

Silicon wristbands were made famous by Lance Armstrong when he began his iconic Livestrong campaign. As soon as people started seeing the yellow silicon band around the athlete’s wrist, companies and individuals started to rebrand them as their own. Silicon wristbands are a simple and affordable way to raise awareness about a cause or event, and they can be used as an effective marketing strategy to encourage consumer awareness too. Silicon wristbands have been used for everything from cancer awareness, LGBTQ rights, animal advocacy, Parliament party support, to the notable “Make Poverty History” campaign in 2005. In the UK alone, that campaign sold 8 million silicon bracelets.

There are a few key features of silicon bracelets and wristbands that make them a desirable option. The bands are durable and versatile. You can order tens or several hundreds of them easily and without a large expense. Plus, people are replacing typical bracelets and wrist-wear with these popular items.

Fortunately for you and your company or organization, silicon wristbands are popular with nearly every age group. Something as simple as a cheap wristband can provide people with a sense of pride or emotional attachment to it if it has a special meaning to them. For example, if you are hosting a fundraiser for a friend, family member or colleague who is battling a disease, choosing the right colour makes the small band personal. People of all ages will wear the bracelet to show their support.

Alternatively, let’s say you host a holiday party or gathering. It isn’t anything that requires admission or special access, The event is just a way of bringing friends, families, customers, communities, you name it, together. You want to provide your guests with cheap party favors that are memorable but not bank-busting. A silicon bracelet is just the thing to send them away with. Those who wear the bracelet will wear it long after the event has ended.

You or your company can buy cheap silicon wristbands for as little as £4.50 for a pack of ten. If you need a lot of 50 silicon wristbands, the price stays under 20 at £17.50. A pack of 100 silicon wristbands costs only £27.50. Silicon wristbands can be purchased in a colour that fits the campaign. Available colours are white, red, baby pink, neon orange, neon yellow, and neon green.

  • Thermal Wristbands

If you really want to save money on cheap wristbands, the rolls of plain thermal wristbands are the solution. Thermal bands are often called plastic wristbands. Thermal wristbands can be used plain, or they can be printed using the thermal wristband printer.

Thermal wristbands are a better solution for on-demand printing needs. They serve similar functions as the vinyl wristband. Vinyl wristbands are ones commonly seen in hospital and clinics. They have a good, cheap bracelet mean for extended wear. Thermal bands can be worn for an extended length of time without concern. Thermal wristbands for events are comfortable and stylish, but they also meet your security needs.

Thermal wristbands are waterproof, versatile, secure and durable. The thermal band has a few attractive features that make them ideal for events, programs, and establishments that require an added layer of security. Thermal wristbands are outfitted with a one-time-use-only plastic button the prevents unauthorized transfers, and pre-cut holes make it easier and quicker to attach them to the wrist. Additional features include bright colour options, water-proof construction, stretch-proof design, and customisable options at a low price.

If you decide to order plastic or thermal wristbands for your next event or your establishment, a roll of 100 plain bands will cost only £11.00. Boost the number to a roll of 1,000 plain wristbands that you can print on your own, and the cost jumps to an affordable £110.00.

There are six different thermal wristband colours: white, red, neon orange, neon yellow, neon green, and baby pink. If you don’t own your own wristband printer, just ask us to add the print for you. UKwristbands is happy to do so for a small fee.

How to Choose a Wristband Colour

The first thing you need to do is choose a colour. Don’t underestimate the value and importance of the colour of the band.

The wristband colours are: black, white, aqua, red, violet/purple, gold, orange, silver, green, and blue. The neon colours are pink, green, yellow, and orange. Not all wristbands come in every colour. Each type of band will have its own colours from which you can choose.

There are three things to consider when asking yourself “how to choose a wristband colour for my party?”

1. First, you need to get a solid understanding of what type of event you are having and what the bracelet represents. What is the theme or mood of your party or event? Is it an event when neon works, or are subtle shades preferred? Cater the colour to the ones wearing the bracelet. Larger venues and setting may require neon colours or bright colours that stand out. Primary and simple colours may be better suited for intimate events and settings.

If you are designing wristbands for a cause, think about how you want to represent the colour of that cause. Will the bands be the colour commonly associated with the cause, or will you use the colour in the text and logo instead?

2. Review the guest list. What type of guests are you expecting? Will the wristbands be on the hands of small children at a holiday fair, or will adults be the only ones attending the affair? Neon and “fun” colours are okay for informal events such as parties and festivals. Primary colours, black, and white are better for formal engagements and “adult” clientele.

If you are using silicon bracelets to use as giveaways, consider who will be wearing them. If your bracelets are intended for a larger audience with different age groups, think of colours that everyone can wear.

3. Ask yourself and your team if the wristband will be memorable. If you want your guests to keep the wristbands you make for them, customise the wristbands so that people will want to wear them longer and keep them for good. Remember, people throw out tickets and business cards. You have a unique opportunity to help your party wristband or souvenir avoid a similar fate.

The wristband designer helps you to make these hard decisions, and it allows you to test the waters before you buy. Use the special tool to design wristbands to help you create virtual examples of your wristband choices. You can customise the type of band, the colour, the font, and the logo all before you commit to buy. You will know how much your order costs and the site allows you to see how much time you have to get same-day processing.

UK wristbands have more than 10 million wristbands in stock. The collection includes both the 19 mm sizes and the 25 mm sizes, so you don’t have to waste time shopping around. You can buy your wristband and get it customised all in one location. You can also shop for special deals and offers to help you save money on already cheap wristbands.

Plus, if you order before 3pm, you will get same day print and dispatch.